The "Asp" 3-tailed Cat

Snake Pit Leather Works has created a couple designs for their 3 Tailed Cats. The inspiration for the designs on these light weight, fast and acurate whips comes from the Russian Nagaika. These attractive attention getters are produced in 100% kangaroo.


We have metallic kangaroo lacing as well.

The terminal turkhead knots at the ends of each tail permits this whip to be either swung or thrown. The lacing extending beyond these small tight turkhead knots are left longer than the 9 Tailed Cats so they can be cracked, putting mind play into effect, with the exception of the viper cut tail ends on the Viper Asp. (The Viper Asp is the only cat we make that is not kangaroo. It is made from 100% llama, which permits us to supply the viper cut tails. Llama is a beautiful leather, rare, and very wicked!)

These light weight cats slice through the air with ease and, with the addition of the tightly woven terminal turkhead knots which can cause bruising, they should not fall into the hands of the inexperienced. They are intended for use by the experienced only.

Retail Price: $235 and up


Email us at rattler at snakepitleatherworks.com if you have any questions or to place your order.

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